Camisole vs. Slip: Identifying the Differences

Key Difference – Camisole vs Slip

Camisoles and slips are two types of women’s undergarments. The main difference between them is that while slips are always worn beneath clothing as undergarments, camisoles can also be worn as casual wear these days.

What is a Camisole?

A camisole is a sleeveless upper garment with spaghetti straps. Camisoles have a simple design – two straps, front, and back. They can be short or long, and have a snug fit or loose fit. Originally part of women’s underwear, camisoles are now also worn as casual wear, similar to tank tops and sleeveless blouses. They are typically worn during warm weather.

Camisoles can be made from fabrics such as nylon, satin, polyester, silk and cotton. Some camisoles also have lace trimmings and adjustable straps. When worn as casual wear, camisoles are usually paired with shorts, skirts, and pants. They are also worn beneath jackets and cardigans. Camisoles are still worn today beneath transparent or low cut shirts or blouses.

What is a Slip?

A slip is a woman’s undergarment worn beneath a dress or skirt. They are often worn beneath transparent dresses to prevent the show-through of intimate underwear. They are also worn to prevent chafing of the skin from a rough fabric, protect a dress from perspiration, and for warmth.

There are two main types of slips known as full slips and waist slips.

Full Slip: A full slip hangs from the shoulders by straps, which extend to the top of the breasts. Full slips can be of various lengths; some slips extend above or below the knees, some go down to the ankles whereas some end in the upper thigh. Full slips are typically worn with dresses.

Waist Slip: Also known as half-slip, waist slips cover the lower part of the body. They hang from the waistline with the help of an elastic band. These are also available in a variety of lengths. Waist slips can be worn with a camisole to replace full slips.

Slips have some decorations such as floral lace at the hem and side slits. They are often made from fabrics such as polyester, nylon, or satin. However, slips are not worn as much today as a few decades ago since most dresses and skirts have a lining.

What is the difference between Camisole and Slip?

Camisole vs Slip: Camisole is a sleeveless top with spaghetti straps. Slip is a woman’s undergarment.

Coverage: Camisoles cover the torso. Waist slips cover the lower part of the body whereas full slips cover upper and lower parts of the body.

Length: Long camisoles will reach the waist. Slips at least reach the thighs.

Undergarments: Camisoles are not only worn as undergarments; they can be worn as casual wear as well. Slips are undergarments and are always worn beneath other clothes.

Use: Camisoles are worn with low cut or transparent tops; they are also worn beneath to obtain warmth during cold weather. Slips are worn to prevent chafing from rough fabrics, to protect the dress from perspiration, and to prevent the show-through of intimate underwear.

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