Comparing Hostel Life & Home Life

Hostel Life vs Home Life

It’s natural for anyone starting a new life away from home, particularly those moving into a hostel, to wonder about the differences between hostel life and home life. Hostels are typically run by educational institutions and are meant for students to stay while they study. Therefore, several rules and regulations often apply to those living in a hostel. These rules can sometimes be strict and may cause students to dislike their living situation. Home life, on the other hand, does not have such restrictions. This article will explore some of the key differences between hostel life and home life.

Hostel Life

Hostel life involves living away from home, usually in an educational institution, but sometimes in hostels for working men and women. In a hostel, you are required to pay for your accommodation and living expenses.

The first experience students face in a college hostel is the requirement to wake up early, which can be tiring but is necessary due to hostel rules. Students living in hostels are also bound by bedtime schedules and meal times. Additionally, they must obtain permission from authorities or the warden before leaving for home during weekends, sometimes needing to request permission at least a week in advance.

Hostel life has strict rules regarding discipline and often requires students to pass all subjects to continue staying on the premises. There are also limitations on entertainment and leisure, with students needing permission to leave the premises and only being allowed to watch television in a common room. Some hostels do not allow students to carry cell phones or have personal internet connections, and browsing is restricted to a common internet center within the hostel.

Boys and girls must stay in separate accommodations in hostels. However, hostel life also has its advantages, particularly for extroverted individuals who enjoy living with their peers.

Home Life

Home life, on the other hand, is free from the strict rules and regulations of hostel life. Students living at home have more freedom to act as they wish and can set their own schedules for waking up, going to bed, and eating meals.

Home life is not bound by discipline rules, but self-discipline is expected. Students living at home also don’t have to worry about losing their housing due to poor academic performance. Additionally, home life provides more access to facilities without fees, such as using phones freely and browsing the internet without restrictions.

Key Takeaways

  • Hostel life is bound by strict rules and regulations, while home life offers more freedom and flexibility.
  • Students must pay fees to live in a hostel, but home life is generally without such expenses.
  • Hostel life has limitations on the use of phones and internet, whereas home life typically does not have these restrictions.
Dmitri Ivanov
Dmitri Ivanov
Dmitri Ivanov, a writer and managing editor, was educated in Canada and holds a BS in Science. Dmitri loves doing research, writing, and teaching various courses.


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