Counselor vs. Councilor: Understanding the Differences

English language is full of homonyms (pairs of words that sound the same) thus creating confusion in the minds of the readers. This is especially difficult for non-natives as they find it difficult to use the correct word in a particular context. One such pair of words is counselor and councilor. Let us highlight the differences between the two and how to recognize the right word to be used at the right time and place.

A councilor is a word used for a person who is a member of a council. Councilor is an elected representative and plays an important role in the introduction and passage of local laws, especially if he belongs to the ruling party. Councilor is a noun used for the person holding this post. Often spelled councilor, the person is a member of the local government council. Councilors help in local governance and to come up with proposals to help solve problems of people at the local level.

The word counselor comes from counsel, which means to advise. The word counsel also stands for an attorney in a court of law. Hence, it is clear that a counselor is a person who is there to advise. The judge in a law court often asks if the complainant has a counsel or not. Schools often have counselors who are experts in suggesting the right course for a student who is torn apart between 2-3 choices. Counselors practicing in a court of law advise their clients and present facts to the jury in such a manner so as to get a verdict in favor of the client.

Key Takeaways

  • Counselor and councilor are homonyms that sound similar but have different meanings.
  • Counselor comes from counsel, meaning to advise. Thus, a counselor is a person who is an expert in advising and is also used for an attorney in a law court.
  • Councilor is a word used for the elected representative for the council that helps in local governance.
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