Difference: Bangs vs Fringe


1. The terms “bangs” and “fringe” are used interchangeably to refer to a hairstyle where hair is cut to be combed and placed over the forehead.
2. Bangs or fringe hairstyles can enhance the appearance of a person and can also be used to camouflage imperfections in face shape.
3. Before getting bangs or fringe, it is important to consult with a hairstylist to determine the type of bangs that would be best for your face shape.


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Bangs vs Fringe

If you have been to your hair salon lately, you must have been asked if you want bangs or fringe hairstyle making you confused. These are hairstyles that are characteristic of the way hair is cut to be combed and placed over the forehead so that it remains covered. In most of these styles, whether hair is parted or not, the fringes remain on the forehead. If you too are confused between fringe and bangs, read on to know the differences between the two hairstyles.

What is the difference between Bangs and Fringe?

– Bangs hairstyle came from bang tails of horses where tail was cut straight across.
– While the hairstyle is known as bangs in US and Canada, it is called fringe in the rest of the world.
– Both haircuts (one and the same) are used commonly while they are also used as a camouflage to cover imperfections in face shape.
– Before taking a plunge; consult your hairstylist, as he will suggest the type of bangs that go with your face shape.

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