Difference Between a Cafe & a Restaurant

Eating out has become increasingly popular due to people’s busy schedules, and two common eating establishments around the world are restaurants and cafes. Although there are similarities between the two, this article aims to clarify the differences between a café and a restaurant.

Key Takeaways

  • A café primarily focuses on serving different types of coffee, while a restaurant is a commercial establishment where meals are served.
  • Restaurants typically have a more formal dining ambience, whereas cafes offer a more casual eating environment.
  • There is usually a greater variety of foods available in a restaurant compared to a café, and some restaurants also serve alcoholic beverages.

A café is defined in the dictionary as a type of restaurant that has an enclosed serving place but often includes an outdoor section where customers can enjoy their coffee and snacks. The word café comes from coffee, which is reflected in the establishment’s focus on providing various coffee options for customers. In the United States, a café may also refer to an informal restaurant where food, mainly burgers and sandwiches, are served.

A restaurant, derived from a French word, refers to places where food and drinks are served to customers. It is a commercial establishment where a customer can purchase meals and eat them in style. Food served at a restaurant is usually prepared and served after a customer orders from a menu. Nowadays, many restaurants also offer home deliveries, but most people come and sit, waiting for their orders to be prepared and served by waiters or waitresses.

The main differences between cafes and restaurants are that a café is primarily a place to be served different types of coffees, while a restaurant is a commercial establishment where meals are served. The atmosphere of a restaurant is that of a dining place and is more formal, whereas the ambiance of a café is that of a casual eating place. Restaurants serve set meals, while cafes offer various food items, mostly snacks like sandwiches and burgers, in addition to coffee. There is a more extensive variety of foods in a restaurant than in a café, and some restaurants also serve alcoholic beverages.

Tipping a waiter is common in restaurants, while it is optional in cafes. In most restaurants, food is served upon order by waiters, whereas, in most cafes, self-service is common. Restaurants have a menu card that is presented upon arrival, while the limited items served in a café are displayed with rates on the café’s walls.

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