Difference Between a Stylist & a Designer

Key Takeaways

  • Designers create new products while stylists create styles using existing products.
  • Both careers require knowledge of garment construction, color theory, and fashion history.
  • A designer can become a stylist more easily than a stylist can become a designer.

The fashion industry relies heavily on the work of stylists and designers. Both professionals have a deep understanding of garment construction, fabrics, shapes, and forms that flatter different body types. They can conceptualize color, texture, and design to create unique styles for clients or audiences. A key difference between the two is that a designer creates something new from existing materials, while a stylist creates something new without using what is already available.

Who is a Stylist?

A stylist is someone who creates a style, which can be an original or a renewed version of an old existing fashion. The style can be for a clothing line, wardrobe, or a person, such as a well-known figure or celebrity.

Who is a Designer?

The term designer originated in the 1640s and initially meant someone who schemes. By the 1660s, it referred to someone who makes an artistic design or construction plan. Today, it is used to refer to both a person and a brand involved in creating new products.

What is the difference between Stylist and Designer?

Stylists select clothing and accessories, help with streamlining closets, restructure wardrobes, educate people on the best colors and shapes for their bodies, develop good shopping habits, and change clients’ relationships with clothing. They work in fashion advertisements, editorials, and exclusive projects like music videos and costume designs. To succeed in the industry, stylists should have at least one qualification in clothing management, fashion designing, textile management, apparel management, fashion designing, accessory design, garment production technology, or garment quality control.

Designers create clothing, sketch styles and outfits, create patterns, pick out fabrics and trimmings, sew garments, fit garments to individuals, and produce actual garments. They work for clothing lines, potential clients, and various industries. Designers need qualifications in textile design, fashion design, clothing management, fashion designing, apparel merchandising, accessory design, garment production technology, garment quality control, apparel design, or textile design.

Both stylists and designers have similarities, including originality, creativity, a sensitivity to colors and shades, an eye for detail, being fashion-conscious, persuasive, observant, and having a good understanding of the market and customer lifestyle.

In conclusion, stylists and designers work in similar fields but have different roles and ways of using their skills and knowledge. Designers create the products that stylists use to create styles. A designer can more easily become a stylist than a stylist can become a designer. In terms of the job market, stylists have stable careers, but designers may earn more in the long run. Both professions can thrive as long as people want to look good and wear beautiful clothes.

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