Difference between a Tagline & a Slogan

Tagline vs Slogan

The feeling of having your concerns addressed by a company whose products or services you use can be quite reassuring. It may even prompt you to opt for their offerings. This marketing approach involves the use of emotionally-charged language to attract customers to a company’s products. Two terms associated with marketing and branding that often cause confusion are tagline and slogan. This article aims to clarify the differences between taglines and slogans to help you better understand their meanings.


“Leave your worries to us” and “Just do it” are two examples of taglines that are associated with a company rather than a specific product. A tagline is a brief phrase that conveys a lot about a company’s philosophy, and it can help identify a product as being made by a particular company. The main goal of creating a tagline is to raise awareness about the company. As it is intended for the company rather than a single product, a tagline is more permanent and seeks to establish a lasting image for the company.


A slogan is a marketing tool used in conjunction with the launch of a product or service. Its primary purpose is to attract customers and boost the company’s sales. A slogan is crafted with both the product and target consumers in mind. It is constantly changing and must be in tune with the product or service. Slogans are catchy and designed to make customers feel good about them, encouraging them to make a purchase.

Key Takeaways

  • Slogans are generally catchier than taglines.
  • Taglines are associated with companies, while slogans are tied to specific products and services.
  • Taglines are more permanent and help build a company’s image, while slogans are temporary and focus on the product or service.
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Gil Tillard
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