Difference Between a Tutor & a Teacher

Tutor vs Teacher

We are all familiar with the role of a teacher and their importance in our lives. Most of us only experience a teacher once we are old enough to sit and learn in a classroom setting. Informally, our parents and peers can also be considered teachers, but we typically refer to those we encounter in school as teachers. Another term, tutor, is used to describe a professional who assists students in understanding their academic subjects or vocational training. There are several similarities between teachers and tutors, but there are also some notable differences.


The concept of a teacher and pupil is ancient and found across all cultures worldwide. In contemporary times, a teacher is an expert who helps students understand academic subjects in a classroom setting. They follow a structured curriculum and ensure that all the students in their class comprehend the lessons being taught. However, a teacher can also be someone who facilitates learning for individuals in various settings, not just confined to classrooms. A teacher in a classroom setting has responsibilities beyond just teaching, such as maintaining records, managing student behavior, and following instructions while conducting classes. A teacher must possess specific educational skills and pass certain exams to be eligible to teach in a school.


A tutor is someone who assists another individual in learning the material they are trying to understand. This term is used for a professional who explains a subject in an informal setting and clarifies concepts on a one-on-one basis. Tutors are often utilized when individuals struggle to keep up with their classmates in school and require extra instruction to bridge the gap. Tutoring is a job that demands paying special attention to an individual, and while tutoring is a verb referring to the act of providing instruction, a tutor remains a person teaching a student on a one-to-one basis.

Key Takeaways

  • Both teachers and tutors facilitate learning, but teachers work in formal settings, while tutors help individuals in informal settings.
  • Teachers teach in classrooms and schools, while tutors teach either at their own place or at the student’s location.
  • Teachers have additional responsibilities beyond just teaching, such as record-keeping and managing student behavior, while tutors focus solely on explaining a subject.
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