Difference between abstract & preface

Abstract vs Preface

Both abstract and preface are common parts of literary works, but they serve different purposes. A preface is written by the author to introduce the book to the readers and provide insight into the author’s motivations and gratitude towards those who helped in the writing process. On the other hand, an abstract, also known as a summary, is a standalone analysis of a research article or scientific work that allows readers to understand the purpose of the work before delving into it. It provides a gist of the entire book and helps readers determine if the content is relevant to their needs. The main differences between abstract and preface are:

– Abstracts are protected by copyright, while there is no such requirement for prefaces.
– Prefaces explain the author’s motivations, while abstracts provide a summary of the book’s content.
– Prefaces are written by the author, while abstracts are often written by others.
– Prefaces include thanks and gratitude, while abstracts focus on the main points of the work.

Key Takeaways

1. The preface is an introduction to a book written by the author, providing insight into the author’s motivation and gratitude towards those who helped in writing the book.

2. The abstract is a concise summary of a research article or scientific work, giving readers an understanding of the purpose of the paper or journal.

3. The preface serves to satisfy readers’ curiosity about why the author wrote the book, while the abstract helps readers determine if the book contains what they are looking for before delving into the full work.

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Maria Nguyen
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