Difference Between Academic & Professional Qualifications

When two men who do not know each other strike up a conversation, it is common for one to ask the other about their qualifications in order to form a mental judgment of the person. In certain situations, like applying for a job, academic qualifications are taken into consideration before finalizing the candidate. However, professional qualifications are different from academic qualifications, and understanding the difference between the two is essential.

Academic Qualification

When looking for a job, a resume is incomplete without mentioning educational qualifications, also known as academic qualifications. In the social world as well, the respect a person receives from others often depends on the degrees they have earned in college studies. The higher the academic qualifications, the better the prospects for a person to achieve success in life. Better equipped individuals grab more opportunities than those with lower levels of academic qualifications.

Professional Qualification

Professional qualifications refer to the degrees that individuals earn from a college or university, which enable them to earn a living in a profession. For example, an M.D. degree is enough for a doctor to land a job and enter a profession that usually provides a livelihood for the rest of their life. A student completing their MBA becomes eligible to enter the administrative world in various industries, while a degree in law ensures a lifelong profession for the person.

Key Takeaways

  • There is a thin difference between academic and professional qualifications, as both are obtained from colleges and universities.
  • Academic qualification is often the degree a person obtains from college and does not use in their profession, while professional qualification is the degree that leads to a job immediately after earning it and determines the person’s profession for a lifetime.
  • Generally, general degrees like BA, BSc are called academic qualifications, while professional degrees like MD, MBA, LLB, etc. are referred to as professional qualifications, as they determine the person’s profession for their life.
Maria Nguyen
Maria Nguyen
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