Difference Between Achieving Success & Experiencing Failure

Success vs Failure

Success and failure can be seen as two different outcomes of the same situation, but the difference in feelings or emotions attached to them depends on how they are perceived. Success and failure can be likened to the two sides of a coin. Philosophers believe that life is intertwined with success and failure. However, it is important to have the ability to handle both success and failure with a positive attitude. Embracing success and failure in an extreme manner, by being either too happy or too sad, is considered unhealthy. To understand the two concepts, it is essential to define them. Success can be defined as the achievement of a specific objective, goal, or aim. Generally, any favorable outcome can be considered a success. Failure, on the other hand, is the downside of a particular scenario and is the inability to succeed. This is the main difference between the two terms, success and failure.

What is Success?

Success can be described as the ability to accomplish or achieve a particular goal or task. For example, a student who passes an exam with flying colors achieves success. This is academic success. Success can take many other forms as well. The attainment of wealth, fame, positions, and status can all be considered as different branches of success. Simple success can be understood as a thing that turns out well, resulting in satisfaction and happiness. It is interesting to note that success is viewed differently by different people. The attainment of wealth and pleasures is not success for a sage or a saint. On the other hand, attainment of wealth, pleasures, and fame is a great success for an ordinary person. Abandonment of wealth and family is termed success for a person who aspires for liberation or salvation. This highlights that in different contexts, among different people, the term can be interpreted in various ways.

What is Failure?

Failure can be defined as the inability to achieve or accomplish a particular target. For example, consider the case of a basketball match. While one team wins, the other loses. This is failure. In most scenarios, especially in sports, the success of one is based on the failure of another. Failure results in disappointment and even resentment. In our lives, our attempts at school, work, and even life itself, end either in success or failure. A common fault in most people is their inability to cope with failure. Unlike success, which guarantees fame, happiness, and glory, failure is difficult to endure. Some people become so overwhelmed by the failures in their lives that they even resort to suicide. Just as with success, failure is also interpreted in different ways by people. The loss of wealth and family members is considered a significant failure for a person who longs for a material life. Non-attainment of salvation or liberation is considered a failure according to the sage or saint. However, failures in life are not always negative. As the saying goes, “Failures are the stepping stones for success.” This highlights that when a person is aware of their weaknesses and flaws through failure, they have more capacity to succeed next time.

Key Takeaways

  • Success refers to the accomplishment of a particular goal, while failure refers to the inability to accomplish a particular goal.
  • Success and failure often go together, as the success of one brings about the failure of another.
  • Success brings happiness, while failure brings sadness; however, both should be handled with a positive attitude to maintain a healthy mindset.
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