Difference Between Adoration & Veneration

Key Difference – Adoration vs Veneration

Adoration and Veneration are two terms with similar meanings but are differentiated in Catholic Christianity. While both terms are used to express respect and admiration, they are used within different contexts in the religion.

Key Takeaways

  • Adoration is a term that is reserved for worship of God alone
  • Veneration is a term that is used for honoring the saints and Mary
  • Adoration comes from the Greek “latria,” and Veneration comes from the Greek “dulia”

What is Adoration?

Adoration is generally used to express love and respect for someone or something. In Catholic Christianity, adoration is specifically reserved for the worship of God alone, acknowledging God as the Supreme Being, perfect in every way. Adoration comes from the Greek word “Latria.”

What is Veneration?

Veneration, on the other hand, is a term used for honoring saints and Mary. The worship of saints is not the same as the worship of God, so it is referred to as veneration, stemming from the Greek word “Dulia.” Saints and Mary are honored for being virtuous Christians, deserving of respect and admiration, but not worship as they are not God.

What is the Difference Between Adoration and Veneration?

Adoration and Veneration differ in their definitions and the subjects they are reserved for. Adoration is the worship of God alone, while Veneration is the honoring of saints and Mary. The Greek terms for Adoration and Veneration are “Latria” and “Dulia,” respectively.

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