Difference Between Al Qaeda & IRA


The Al Qaeda and the Irish Republic Army (IRA) are two prominent militant organizations associated with global terrorism. While the Al Qaeda provides funds for Islamic militant groups worldwide, the IRA acts as an active militant organization in Northern Ireland. The Al Qaeda was formed in 1988 under the leadership of Osama bin Laden, while the IRA has existed since 1916. Both organizations differ in their sources of funding, with the Al Qaeda relying on drug sales in Afghanistan, and the IRA using robberies.

Al Qaeda

Contrary to popular belief, the Al Qaeda’s laws deviate from genuine Islamic principles. The organization aims to overthrow all existing governments and replace them with their own regulations. Their objective is to instill fear globally and gain control over the world.


The IRA was established to establish an Irish Republic and weaken British government influence in Northern Ireland. The organization has been responsible for numerous bombings and the assassination of British security forces. The IRA primarily funded its activities through robberies and extortions.

Differences between Al Qaeda and IRA

While both the Al Qaeda and IRA share a common goal, their motivations for formation differ. The Al Qaeda emerged after the Afghan war, through discussions between Osama bin Laden and Afghan militants. On the other hand, the IRA originated from the Irish Volunteers, which were most active in 1916. The Al Qaeda seeks a Muslim-ruled world governed by their interpretation of Islamic laws, whereas the IRA aims to establish an Irish Republic by dismantling British government control in Northern Ireland.


While both organizations have historical reasons for their actions, revenge plays a significant role in their activities. Although the Al Qaeda and IRA have engaged in similar acts of terrorism, they remain distinct due to their differing motives and origins.


1. The Al Qaeda and the Irish Republic Army (IRA) are two militant organizations linked to most terrorism in the world.
2. The Al Qaeda originated in Afghanistan in 1988 and is led by Osama bin Laden, while the IRA has its roots in Northern Ireland and was formed in 1916.
3. The Al Qaeda aims to create a global Islamic rule based on its own regulations, while the IRA’s goal is to form an Irish Republic by weakening the British Government’s hold on Northern Ireland.

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