Difference between Ancestry.com & Genealogy.com

Ancestry.com, also known as The Generations Network, was established in 1983 in Utah and operates a range of websites focused on family matters. It is a membership-based site requiring an annual subscription fee ranging from $155 to $300, allowing users to search its extensive database of people dating back to 1790. With more than 5 billion records, Ancestry.com primarily covers individuals in the US, but has expanded to include Canada and European countries.

Key Takeaways

  • Genealogy.com is a research-based website owned by A&E Networks and was acquired by Ancestry.com’s parent company, MFamily.com, in 2003.
  • Both Ancestry.com and Genealogy.com require annual subscription fees, with Ancestry.com being more expensive but having a broader database that includes countries outside the US.
  • While Genealogy.com is limited to the US, Ancestry.com also covers Europe, Canada, and some Asian countries like China.

Genealogy.com, on the other hand, is a subscription-based service that allows users to conduct ancestry searches using its database of United States Public Records. Annual subscriptions range from $70 to $200. Users can create a family tree and receive guidance and tutorials to help with their search.

When comparing the two genealogy websites, Ancestry.com is more expensive but has a broader database that covers additional countries such as Europe, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Sweden, and some Asian countries like China. Genealogy.com has a more limited database that only covers the US. If a user’s ancestors settled in the US but are of a different descent, they may find more detailed information using Ancestry.com rather than Genealogy.com. Although the two websites were once competitors, they now belong to the same parent company.

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