Difference between Anglican & Catholic


Anglican and Catholic are two branches of Christianity that follow the Church’s Creeds and believe in the same foundational principles. While Anglicans are followers of the Church of England, Catholics are part of the larger Catholic Church.


The Anglican tradition dates back to the early followers of Jesus and has a history that includes the division from the Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches. Anglicans maintain the authority within their church through apostolic succession and hold onto the Catholic faith.


The term “Catholic” originally referred to the whole Church and was used by early Christians. In modern usage, it still signifies universality and inclusivity. The Catholic Church is the largest Christian communion and encompasses various traditions and practices.

Differences Between Anglican and Catholic

The term “Anglican” refers to both individuals and churches, while “Catholic” is a broader term. Anglican priests are allowed to marry, while Catholic priests are celibate. Anglicans view communion as a significant act, while Catholics believe in the transubstantiation of the bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ. Additionally, the Anglican Church avoids hierarchy, while the Catholic Church embraces it.

In conclusion, while Anglicans and Catholics share many beliefs, they also have notable differences in practice and tradition. Ultimately, individuals are free to choose which branch of Christianity aligns with their beliefs.


1. Anglican and Catholic both follow and promise to the Church’s Creeds, which were recognized by the early church to prevent heresies.
2. The word “Anglican” refers to individuals and churches following the religious customs of the Church of England.
3. “Catholic” is defined as whole or universal and is integrated into the name of the largest Christian communion, the Catholic Church.

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