Difference between Apart & A Part

Apart vs A Part

There are numerous pairs of words in the English language where a single space can significantly change the meaning of the word, leading to confusion for those learning the language. One such pair of words is “apart” and “a part,” where a single space alters the meaning. This article will clarify the differences between “apart” and “a part” for the readers.

A Part

“A part” is a phrase that indicates one part or section of a whole. If you are a member of a sports team, you are considered a part of the team’s strategy. France is a part of Europe, meaning that there are many other countries, and France is just one of them. “A part” also refers to an accessory when one purchases a part for their car or motorcycle from the market. Consider the following sentences:
• India is a part of the Commonwealth
• You have to go to the car market to buy this part
• This part of the constitution addresses citizens’ rights
• Part of the problem stems from people’s attitudes toward corruption


“Apart” is a word that means at a distance and can also suggest separation between two people. When he received news of an accident involving his wife, his world fell apart, indicating the shock and turmoil the person experiences when learning about the disaster. Here are some examples:
• They chose to live apart for their children’s better future
• The company’s high quality sets it apart
• Jokes aside, driving under the influence is a crime
• Kanpur and Lucknow are some distance apart
• At Spencer’s, one can get fashion apparel in addition to groceries

Key Takeaways

  • “A part” means a portion of a whole, while “apart” means some distance away from one another
  • “Apart” also implies separation, as when lovers fall apart over a trivial issue
  • “A part” can also refer to an accessory of a product, such as a part of a computer, or belonging to a team or constitution
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