Difference Between Appearance & Reality

Key Difference – Appearance vs Reality

Appearance and reality are often discussed in literature, but also have significance in our daily lives. They are not the same, as appearance is how something looks, while reality is the true state of things as they exist. There may be situations where appearance seems like reality, but it is actually deceptive.

What is Appearance?

Appearance refers to how something or someone looks. These are often not the reality but forms of deception. People in our day-to-day lives can appear to be something that they are not. For example, a person who appears to be very generous may, in fact, be a miser. Appearances can be thought of as masks that people put on for their advantage in life. In many literary works, particularly Shakespeare’s plays, appearance versus reality is a common theme.

What is Reality?

Reality is the state of things as they actually exist. In philosophy, the question of what is truly real is often raised. This allows the philosopher to separate reality from the appearance of it. Reality, or what is real, is believed to be permanent and objective. However, discerning what is truly real in life can be difficult, as people often put on appearances that conceal their true state. Sometimes, reality can become so blurred and concealed that it is difficult to recognize.

What is the difference between Appearance and Reality?

Appearance is how something or someone looks, while reality is the true state of things as they exist. Appearance can be deceptive and temporary, while reality is the truth and permanent. Recognizing reality can be challenging due to the prevalence of appearances that conceal true states.

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