Difference Between Arranged & Forced Marriages

Arranged vs Forced Marriages

Arranged marriages and forced marriages can both be found in many parts of the world, but forced marriages are gradually fading away. In the Eastern part of the world, arranged marriages and forced marriages were once quite common, but they are now being replaced by love marriages. This is mainly due to the changing role of women over the years. In forced marriages, women were sold to the groom or given for a large sum of money. In contrast, arranged marriages involved a process where the families of both the groom and bride engaged in matching the families according to factors such as their caste, wealth, etc. There are several differences between arranged and forced marriages.

What is Arranged Marriage?

In arranged marriages, parents and other well-wishers match spouses based on looks, physical appearance, social and economic backgrounds. Arranged marriages have been popular in many cultures for centuries as the best way to ensure a happy and long married life. However, many Westerners frown upon arranged marriages as they feel that the bride and groom are almost unknown to each other and have no final say in the selection of their spouses.

Nowadays, the consent of both the bride and the groom is necessary before finalizing an arranged marriage. The man and woman are allowed to spend some time together to get to know each other before becoming the bride and groom. This allows both parties to voice their opinions, and the marriage takes place only through the consent of both. In the modern world, people often prefer love marriages to arranged marriages. However, there are many cases where arranged marriages have led to a successful married life for people.

What is Forced Marriage?

Forced marriage is different from arranged marriage as a woman or a little girl is forcibly married to an adult. In this type of marriage, the consent of the girl is not considered necessary as her family members accept the proposal from the groom that is monetarily very attractive to them. The girl is either sold or traded to the man in exchange for money or something else of considerable value.

Many times, forced marriages are a mismatch as the groom is old but wealthy, while the girl is very young and innocent. These marriages often lead to domestic violence, rape, abuse, neglect, and servitude as the girl is terrified and often beaten to have sexual relations with her older husband. This highlights the differences between arranged marriages and forced marriages.

Key Takeaways

  • Arranged marriages involve matching spouses based on various factors, while forced marriages occur without the consent of the girl and are often driven by monetary gain.
  • Modern arranged marriages now require the consent of both the bride and the groom, while forced marriages do not consider the girl’s consent necessary.
  • Forced marriages often lead to domestic violence, rape, abuse, neglect, and servitude, whereas arranged marriages can lead to successful married life with mutual understanding and consent.
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