Difference between balcony & terrace.


1. Balcony and terrace are important architectural elements in building or home design.
2. A balcony is a raised area built from a wall and often has a rooftop, while a terrace is an outdoor extension beyond ground level.
3. Both balconies and terraces provide opportunities for relaxation, privacy, and enjoying the surroundings.


Balcony vs Terrace

A balcony and terrace are both beautiful architectural features that can be incorporated into a building or home. They provide the perfect opportunity to enjoy the scenery and relax. Whether you want a peaceful spot to think or a place to unwind, balconies and terraces are great options.


The term “balcony” originated from the Italian word “balcone” meaning scaffold, the Old German word “balcho” meaning beam, and the Persian word “bālkāneh.” A balcony is a raised area that is constructed or built from the wall of a house or building. It is supported by consoles, brackets, enclosed balustrades, and columns. Balconies are commonly used in stage plays, like the iconic scene from Romeo and Juliet.


The French term for terrace is “terrasse,” “terrazzo” in Italian, and “terraza” in Spanish. A terrace is an outdoor extension that is situated beyond ground level and can accommodate a large number of people. Terraces are versatile and can be used for various activities such as sunbathing, barbecuing, relaxation, and entertaining guests. Sometimes, terraces may even have a Jacuzzi or hot tub.

Difference between Balcony and Terrace

The main difference between a balcony and a terrace lies in their usage throughout history. Balconies have been used for ceremonies, like the blessing or recognition of the Pope, and they have also been a special seating area in theaters. On the other hand, terraces are primarily used for relaxation. Balconies tend to have a smaller space and a rooftop, while terraces offer more space and are usually open-top. Balconies are suspended in space, while terraces are attached to the ground or unsuspended. Additionally, balconies are only accessible through the area to which they are attached, whereas terraces have entrances of their own.

Balconies and terraces are essential components of any architectural plan. While they may not be mandatory, a building or house can feel dull and uninspiring without them. They provide the ideal spots for enjoying privacy, sipping morning tea, unwinding after a busy day, or watching the sunrise.

In conclusion:
– Balconies and terraces are both attractive architectural features.
– A balcony is a raised area built from a wall, while a terrace is an outdoor extension at ground level or beyond.
– Balconies have historical significance and are used for ceremonies, while terraces are mainly for relaxation.

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