Difference Between Blackberry & Black Raspberry


1. One of the main differences between blackberries and black raspberries is their appearance, with blackberries being shiny, smooth, and long, and black raspberries being wider and squatter, not smooth or shiny.
2. Blackberries are generally more expensive and available in more places than black raspberries. Blackberries are grown in South America, North America, parts of Asia, and Europe, while black raspberries are predominantly grown in North America.
3. Blackberries are picked with their stems, while black raspberries are picked alone from the main plant, resulting in them appearing hollow in the middle. Additionally, blackberries are more sensitive to cold temperatures and require extra protection during winter seasons, while black raspberries are harvested earlier.


Blackberry and Black Raspberry are two fruits that belong to the same genus called rubus but have some differences between them.


Blackberries are shiny, smooth, and long, while black raspberries are wider and squatter. Blackberries do not have hair, while black raspberries have hair and may have white powder on them.


Blackberries are available in more places, including South America, North America, parts of Asia, and Europe. Black raspberries are widely grown in North America.


Blackberries are picked with the stems, while black raspberries are picked alone from the main plant and appear hollow in the middle.

Sensitivity to Temperature

Blackberries are very sensitive to cold temperatures and cannot withstand temperatures as low as 10 degrees. Black raspberries are harvested at an earlier period compared to blackberries.


To protect blackberries during winter seasons, extra steps need to be taken. Black raspberries are often included in ornaments and decorations.


While blackberry and black raspberry may appear similar, there are differences in their appearance, availability, picking process, sensitivity to temperature, and protection measures needed. Both fruits are a great source of antioxidants and nutrients.

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