Difference between Bobble Head & Head Knocker


1) Bobble head dolls are small toys with a disproportionate head attached to a spring that wobbles when touched.
2) Head knockers are essentially the same as bobble heads, just marketed and labeled differently.
3) The difference between bobble heads and head knockers lies in branding rather than in design or material.


Bobble Head and Head Knocker are both types of head shaking dolls that have been popular toys for many years. These dolls have a disproportionate head that wobbles when touched. While they are called by different names, such as bobbing head dolls or wobblers, they are essentially the same type of toy. Bobble heads are miniature figurines that can be placed on tables or stuck to cars or walls for amusement. They are enjoyed by both children and adults, with many people collecting them as a hobby. Some bobble heads are made to look like famous celebrities or politicians. The main difference between bobble heads and head knockers is in branding, as different companies market them under different names. Despite this, they are made from the same materials and have similar designs.

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