Difference Between Breadth & Width

Key Difference – Breadth vs Width

Although the words breadth and width have very similar meanings, there is a slight difference between them. Breadth refers to the distance from side to side of an object and can be used for measuring and more qualitative measurements, such as breadth of knowledge. On the other hand, width is specifically used for measuring the extent or distance from side to side of an object, typically in a literal sense.

What is Breadth?

Breadth is a noun that refers to the distance from side to side of a thing. It is used to express how broad an object is and can capture a range or scope of something that cannot be quantified, such as a specific skill or knowledge. For example, “As he began to address the audience, the breadth of his knowledge was apparent.”

What is Width?

Width refers to the measurement or extent of something from side to side, explaining how wide something is. An example would be, “She told me that it was about six meters in width.” Width can be used when referring to roads or pathways and is primarily used for literal objects, unlike breadth, which can be used figuratively.

Key Takeaways

  • Breadth can be used for both measuring and qualitative measurements, capturing literal and figurative objects.
  • Width is specifically used for measuring and mainly captures literal objects.
  • While both words refer to the distance from side to side of an object, breadth has a broader range of uses and can be applied to non-quantifiable aspects, such as knowledge or skills.
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