Difference between CA & CPA


1. CA and CPA are both important certifications for accountants. They provide expertise in handling business books and preparing financial statements.
2. CA is more popular in the UK and other commonwealth countries, while CPA has more influence in the US. Australia is an exception where both certifications are equally valued.
3. CPA is considered the US equivalent of CA, with more of a UK influence. Both certifications allow professionals to work in government and private sectors, as well as in private practice.


CA and CPA are two common certifications for accountants. Both certifications allow individuals to work as accountants and handle financial statements. This article aims to highlight the differences between CA and CPA.

CA and CPA Certification

CA is a certification that is more popular in the UK and other commonwealth countries, while CPA is a certification with US influence. However, in Australia, both certifications are equally in demand. Both CA and CPA offer a lucrative career in the field of accounting, with job opportunities in both government and private sectors.

Choosing Between CA and CPA

If an individual decides to work overseas, it is important to know which certification is more valued in the country they wish to settle down in. CA used to have more value than CPA in the past, but in recent years, CPA has caught up and is now considered equally valuable. The requirements to become a certified CA have been simplified to match those of CPA, and the pass percentage has also been lowered.

Other Accrediting Bodies

In addition to CA and CPA, there is a third accrediting body called ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants). Those accredited by ACCA become both certified and chartered accountants.


CPA is considered the US equivalent of CA, which has more influence in the UK and the rest of the world. Both CA and CPA allow individuals to conduct audits and prepare financial statements for companies.

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