Difference Between Candy & Dessert

Candy and dessert are two types of food often consumed to satisfy cravings. They are typically made with high sugar content and are considered “sweets” due to their ability to excite the taste buds of those who eat them.


Sugar candies, or simply candies, are confections generally made with sugar and a variety of colors and flavors. In the past, they were primarily made from sugar and were very sweet. However, with societal advancements, candies such as sour candies, gumdrops, chocolates, and even salty candies have been developed. Candies can be made by melting sugar in water until it caramelizes.


Desserts are typically served after a meal and are usually sweet in flavor. The history of desserts is rich, dating back to ancient civilizations where pharaohs and other wealthy individuals used nuts or fruits coated in honey. Common modern desserts include cakes, ice creams, and pastries.

Key Takeaways

  • Candies can be consumed anytime and anywhere, while desserts are typically eaten after a meal.
  • Due to their high sugar content, both candies and desserts can contribute to tooth decay and health issues such as diabetes.
  • Candies typically come in plastic or paper packaging, while desserts are served as-is and ready to be consumed.
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