Difference Between Capital Punishment & Death Penalty

Capital Punishment vs Death Penalty

Death penalty, a severe and rare form of punishment for serious crimes, has been practiced in various societies since ancient times. Throughout history, there have been debates about the pros and cons of the death sentence, as it is irreversible and eliminates any chances for the accused to change. Although it has been abolished in numerous countries, the death penalty is still imposed in countries such as the United States, China, and India, suggesting that it will likely continue as a form of capital punishment in the future. While the terms “capital punishment” and “death penalty” are often considered synonymous and defined as such in many dictionaries, there are differences between the two.

Key Takeaways

  • Death penalty is the most severe punishment that can be given to an individual for the crime or wrong they have committed, and it has been in practice since ancient times.
  • There are influential groups, like Amnesty International, that work towards the removal of the death penalty from all countries, as they consider it barbaric and reminiscent of ancient times.
  • Technically, the death penalty refers to the actual act of killing the individual, while capital punishment refers to the entire process of trying the accused and then awarding the death sentence to them by a judicial court of law.
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