Difference between case study & solved case study


Case studies are a method of conducting research and are commonly used in academic writing. They can focus on a company, event, individual, or group of people and are used to identify problems and find solutions or explanations. Unlike original research, case studies do not require citations but should include an introduction and conclusion that address the research questions. Once a case study is completed, it becomes a solved case study and can be used for training and information in various industries.

Role in Education

Solved case studies are particularly beneficial for business and management students as they prepare them for careers in the industry. These case studies provide real-life examples and experiences that teach important management processes and strategies. Students can learn from the successes and failures of companies like Microsoft, Apple, Lenovo, and Dell, as well as individuals who have achieved remarkable success. Solved case studies serve as a valuable source of inspiration and learning material for students in various academic fields.


In summary, case studies are an important research method used in academic writing. Once completed, they become solved case studies and serve as valuable teaching and training resources. Solved case studies are analyzed and discussed in depth to help students understand important processes and concepts. They provide real-world examples and experiences for students to learn from, making them a valuable educational tool.

Key Takeaways

1. Case studies are important techniques of research and are often necessary for students who are involved in academic writing.
2. Once completed, a case study becomes a solved case study and serves a useful purpose as part of teaching and training of personnel in various academic fields.
3. Solved case studies are analyzed and discussed threadbare to make students understand important processes involved.

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Maria Nguyen
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