Difference between CCDA, CCDP, & CCDE


1) CCDA, CCDP, and CCDE are certifications provided by CISCO in networking technologies, and they hold great significance for job aspirants and those looking to make a mark in the industry.

2) CCDA is a certification that provides skills in designing a Cisco converged network, including routed and switched network infrastructures, LAN, WAN, and broadband access. CCDA certifications are valid for three years.

3) CCDP is a certification that focuses on network design concepts and principles, including advanced addressing and routing, security, network management, and data center. CCDP professionals are well-versed in designing CISCO networks.


CCDA, CCDP, and CCDE are certifications provided by CISCO in the networking industry. These certifications hold great significance for job seekers and individuals looking to excel in the field. This article will provide an overview of each certification and their respective skills and prerequisites.

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