Difference Between Census Survey & Sample Survey

Surveys are conducted worldwide to gather information from the public, which can help improve a company’s products or services. Among the various survey techniques available, sample surveys and census surveys are particularly popular. Although these methods share similarities, their features and results can differ significantly. The choice between the two types of surveys depends on factors such as time constraints and specific circumstances. This article will discuss the characteristics of these two survey types to address any confusion readers might have.

It is important to mention that a sample represents a portion of the population, whereas a census encompasses everyone in the population. This means that a census survey is a much larger and more complex process than a sample survey. Census surveys are also more time-consuming, as they require gathering information from every individual in the population. In contrast, sample surveys are more manageable, as they involve selecting a representative sample from the population and extrapolating the results to fit the entire population.

Key Takeaways

  • Census surveys involve gathering information from every individual in the population, while sample surveys involve selecting a representative sample from the population.
  • Census surveys are larger and more complex processes than sample surveys and require more time and money to complete.
  • Sample surveys always have a margin for error, whereas census surveys are more accurate.
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Gil Tillard
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