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The terms “Chairman” and “Chairperson” refer to the highest position in an organization. However, there has been controversy surrounding the use of the term “Chairman” as women have increasingly been appointed to these leadership roles. This has led to the introduction of terms such as “Chairwoman” and “Chairperson” to provide a more gender-neutral alternative. In this article, we will explore the usage of these terms for the highest position in companies around the world.


The term “Chairman of the Board” is technically the correct term for this position in a company. However, it is common for employees and shareholders to simply use the term “Chairman” to refer to the person holding this position. The Chairman is responsible for leading the company, managing its fortunes, and representing the company to the outside world. This individual is considered the leader and authority figure within the organization.


Technically, the term “Chairman” refers to a man holding this position. However, confusion arises when a woman occupies this role. In such cases, it is more appropriate to use the term “Chairwoman” or, even better, “Chairperson,” which is a gender-neutral term that avoids the male chauvinistic connotations of “Chairman.” Using “Chairperson” acknowledges that women are equally eligible for the highest leadership positions in corporations.

What is the difference between Chairman and Chairperson?

In essence, there is no significant difference between the terms “Chairman” and “Chairperson.” They only indicate whether the person holding the position is a man or a woman. If you are unsure of the individual’s gender, it is recommended to use the term “Chairperson.” This not only avoids any potential biases but also ensures political correctness. Some people even use the term “Chair” to avoid any confusion or controversy. The difference between “Chairman” and “Chairperson” is similar to the difference between “salesman” and “salesperson” – it simply indicates the gender identity of the individual holding the position.


1. Women rising to the position of chairman/chairperson in companies has led to the creation of gender-neutral terms such as chairwoman or chairperson.
2. The word “chairman” is technically correct, but using “chairperson” is considered more politically correct and avoids any gender bias.
3. Some individuals choose to use the term “chair” instead of chairman/chairperson to avoid any confusion or potential controversy.

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