Difference between chocolate & fudge


1. Chocolate is made from cocoa beans and can be converted into various forms such as powder, syrup, and bars.
2. Fudge is a type of confectionary made in the UK using sugar, butter, and milk, and it has a grainy texture and a light color.
3. While chocolate can be used as an ingredient in fudge and fudge bars, it is not the same as pure chocolate and has different characteristics in terms of texture and color.


Chocolate and fudge are similar confectionary items that often confuse people. While chocolate is made from cocoa beans and can come in various forms like bars, powder, and syrup, fudge is a type of sweet confectionary made with sugar, butter, and milk. Despite chocolate being an ingredient in fudge, there are many differences between the two. This article will explore the distinctions between chocolate and fudge.


Chocolate is made from cocoa beans, which are the seeds of the cocoa plant. The beans are fermented, roasted, and shelled to remove their bitterness. The remaining cacao nibs are ground to obtain cocoa mass, which is pure chocolate. Cocoa mass can be used to make different chocolate products, such as bars, syrup, and powder. Chocolate is enjoyed as candies, hot chocolate beverages, and used as a flavor in various confectionary products like cakes, biscuits, and ice creams.


Fudge can refer to different food items. It is both a popular brand of chocolate produced by Cadbury and a hot chocolate beverage used as a topping for ice creams. In the UK and some European countries, fudge is a type of confectionary made using sugar, butter, and milk. These ingredients are heated and mixed thoroughly, then cooled and beaten occasionally to create a smooth and consistent texture. Fudge is available in various flavors.

Cadbury’s Fudge chocolate bar in the UK is a semi-circular bar of fudge covered with chocolate.

Differences between Chocolate and Fudge

– A fudge bar contains chocolate as an ingredient, but it is not purely chocolate itself.
– Chocolate is made from cocoa beans and can be turned into powder or syrup. It is also sold in bars with different flavors.
– Fudge is a sweet confectionary made with sugar, butter, and milk.
– Fudge has a grainy texture, while chocolate is always satin smooth.
– Fudge is lighter in color, while chocolate can be dark or light in color.

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