Difference Between Civil Engineering & Structural Engineering

Civil Engineering vs Structural Engineering

Civil engineering and structural engineering are two engineering disciplines that share similarities but also have many differences in scope, teaching, and job requirements. Historically, structural engineering has been considered a sub-discipline of civil engineering, but it has grown significantly and is now regarded as its own separate engineering discipline. Both fields involve the analysis, design, construction, and maintenance of various elements and cover projects ranging from small to large and private to state-funded.

Key Takeaways

  • Civil engineering is a broader field that encompasses various sub-disciplines, including structural engineering, transportation engineering, environmental engineering, and geotechnical engineering. It deals with projects such as dams, roads, buildings, water treatment, and canals.
  • Structural engineering focuses specifically on the design, analysis, construction, and maintenance of load-bearing or resisting structures, such as dams, skyscrapers, and bridges. It is typically taught as a subject within a civil engineering degree program and is more commonly offered as a master’s or PhD degree.
  • While civil engineers may be expected to carry out some structural engineering work, the reverse is not always true. A structural engineer’s job will primarily cover the structural engineering aspects of a project, whereas a civil engineer may be responsible for multiple sub-disciplines within civil engineering.
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