Difference Between Classy Provocative & Tacky Provocative

Elegant Slutty and Trashy Slutty are both terms used to describe women who dress in an extremely sexy manner, with the main goal of attracting men’s attention. Both types of women wear revealing clothing, but there are some key differences between the two styles.

Key Takeaways

  • Elegant Slutty women are more reserved and composed, while Trashy Slutty women are louder and more transparent about their intentions.
  • Elegant Slutty women maintain a sense of class and elegance even when wearing sexy clothing, while Trashy Slutty women often appear as if they are wearing very little or nothing at all.
  • Elegant Slutty women wear minimal makeup that enhances their natural beauty, while Trashy Slutty women tend to wear heavy makeup that can be distracting.

Elegant Slutty women typically wear outfits that are sexy yet still maintain a sense of sophistication, such as mini-skirts paired with jackets or skimpy tops paired with jeans. Their clothing is flattering and well-fitted, and their makeup is minimal but used to emphasize their best features. Despite their sexy appearance, Elegant Slutty women tend to be more composed and thoughtful in their actions.

On the other hand, Trashy Slutty women are known for their extremely revealing clothing choices, such as super-short shorts and see-through tops. They often show off a significant amount of skin and may choose not to wear underwear. Trashy Slutty women tend to be more carefree and open about their emotions, and their makeup is often quite heavy in order to attract attention.

The choice between Elegant Slutty and Trashy Slutty styles is ultimately up to the individual, and confidence and attitude play a significant role in determining which style one may choose to portray.

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