Difference between cloth patches & embroidered patches


1. Cloth patches and embroidered patches are commonly used on garments and clothing.
2. Cloth patches are easier to make and attach to clothing, while embroidered patches have a 3-dimensional lift and require more preparation.
3. Cloth patches are thinner and lighter, while embroidered patches are thicker and heavier. Additionally, cloth patches are commonly found on designer label clothes, while embroidered patches are often seen on high rank officials or soldiers.


Cloth patches and embroidered patches are common features on garments and clothing. They can be laser cut and come in circular or square shapes. These patches are attached to the outside of the fabric and are usually noticeable, containing emblems, logos, or written information.

Cloth Patches

Cloth patches have high definition logos and lettering edges. They are made from cheaper materials and are easy to create. They can be easily attached or sewn onto clothing. Cloth patches are commonly found in designer label clothes as they can be washed, dried, and ironed without much effort.

Embroidered Patches

Embroidered patches have a 3-dimensional lift to the material due to the type of thread used. Multiple types of threads can be used in a single patch. The threads used are more expensive but of good quality. Creating embroidered patches requires needlework, which can take longer. There are machines available to speed up the process, but preparation is still necessary.

Difference between Cloth Patches and Embroidered Patches

Cloth patches are thinner and lighter compared to embroidered patches, which are thicker and heavier. Cloth patches are easier and quicker to produce. Embroidered patches take more time and have a longer production process. Cloth patches are commonly seen in designer label clothes or clothing labels, while embroidered patches are often worn by high-ranking officials or soldiers. Cloth patches can be made with very high resolution details, while embroidered patches may not be as precise. The cost of cloth patches is cheaper and more economical, while embroidered patches are more expensive and impractical.

Both embroidered patches and cloth patches play important roles in labels and ranks. They help identify a clothing brand or the official status of a person.

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