Difference between cobbler & crisp


1. Cobbler and crisp are both warm baked desserts made with fruit fillings.
2. Cobbler has a thick crust made of pie dough or biscuit dough, while crisp has a topping of crumbs made from various materials.
3. Crisp is made crispy by adding nuts and raisins, and is referred to as a crumble in the UK.


Cobbler and crisp are delicious warm baked desserts that use fruit fillings. They are easy to prepare and perfect for pleasing children at home when you have limited ingredients. While there are similarities between cobbler and crisp, this article aims to highlight the differences between these two desserts.


When you think of cobbler, you imagine a dessert with a thick crust made of biscuit dough, topped with seasonal fruit and baked. The inside of the cobbler contains fruit filling such as apples, berries, or peaches. Originally, cobblers had a pie crust with fruit filling in the middle and pie dough on the top and bottom. The dessert got its name because the cooked dough on top resembled cobblestones. It’s important to note that cobbler has a biscuit dough covering that is baked before serving.


Crisp is a dessert made with fruit filling inside a baked biscuit dough. It was introduced by the British and gained popularity in the US during World War II. To make a crisp, you simply bake a mixture of fruits and create a topping with crumbs. These crumbs can be made from bread, nuts, flour, or even cereal. Some people make a mixture using butter, nuts, bread crumbs, sugar, oatmeal, and sprinkle it over the fruit before baking. Interestingly, what is called a crisp in the US is referred to as a crumble in the UK. The presence of nuts and raisins in the crisp gives it a crispy texture after baking.

Differences between Cobbler and Crisp

– Cobbler has a thick crust of pie dough or biscuit dough, giving it the appearance of a cobbled street after baking. Crisp, on the other hand, has a sprinkling of crumbs made from various materials, or a mixture made with butter and sprinkled over the fruit.
– Crisp is made crispy by adding nuts and raisins.
– The top layer of a cobbler is like a cookie, while the top layer of a crisp is crunchy.
– In the UK, crisp is called a crumble.
– Crisps use crumbs of bread, oatmeal, or cereal, while the fruit filling in cobblers is covered with biscuit dough.

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