Difference between cold war & hot war

Cold War vs Hot War

– Cold war refers to a political war without violence, while hot war involves actual fighting and the use of weapons.
– In a hot war, soldiers from two countries fight each other with guns and other weapons, leading to bloodshed and loss of life.
– In a cold war, there can be war of words or actions, but no real fight with weapons.
– A cold war can lead to a hot war, as discussions during the cold war may fail.
– Cold war is often described as a stalemate state, while hot war is characterized by military force and violence.


1. Cold war and hot war are two different types of wars with distinct characteristics. Cold war is a political war without violence, while hot war involves the use of weapons and deadly force.
2. A hot war consists of actual fights between soldiers, while a cold war involves war of words or actions. There can be threats of war in a cold war, but not in a hot war.
3. Bloodshed and loss of life occur in a hot war, but not in a cold war. A cold war can potentially escalate into a hot war, and military force is not used in a cold war while it is the backbone of a hot war.

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