Difference Between Computer Science & Information Technology

Computer Science vs Information Technology

Two subjects that often confuse students due to their similar content and scope, both related to computers, are computer science and information technology. Even experts sometimes struggle to clearly differentiate between the two. Although they share similarities and cover some of the same content, it is important to understand the differences between computer science and information technology.

Computer Science

Computers and their applications have become incredibly widespread and diverse, and they continue to develop rapidly. Computer science is all about understanding computers and their capabilities, encompassing both hardware and software. A computer scientist knows the inner workings of a computer, including its design, inside and out. Courses designed for computer science cover hardware, software, and operating systems, and heavily rely on mathematical algorithms and computational theories from biology, physics, and electrical engineering. Algebra and geometry also form integral parts of any computer science course. Aspiring computer scientists should have strong mathematical aptitude.

The basic concepts of computer science are derived from physics, math, electrical engineering, and linguistics. Before it emerged as a separate discipline, computer science was taught as an extension of electrical and electronics engineering only.

Information Technology

As the name implies, information technology focuses on the use of computer-based information systems. The design, development, implementation, support, and management of this information using computers constitute the majority of the syllabus for any information technology course. While software and hardware are also taught, the primary focus is on using computers and peripherals to maximize the use of information systems in a business environment. The aim of any information technology course is to make work easier in all aspects of life by leveraging technology.

Information technology courses teach students the processes of storing, converting, protecting, transferring, and retrieving information from computer systems, making them experts at handling the demands of the industry.

Key Takeaways

  • Computer science is about programming, while information technology is about processing information.
  • Computer science involves a deep understanding of the working principles of computers, while information technology focuses on using information systems to make work easier in business environments.
  • Computer science courses have a strong emphasis on mathematics, whereas information technology courses focus more on practical applications and management of information systems.
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