Difference Between Conception & Perception

Key Difference – Conception vs Perception

Conception and perception are two nouns that are derived from the verbs conceive and perceive, respectively. Thus, it can be said that the difference between conception and perception stems from the difference between the two verbs conceive and perceive. Perception is the ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses and conception is the ability to form something in the mind and to develop an understanding. This is the key difference between conception and perception.

What Does Conception Mean?

Conception is derived from the verb conceive. Conception can refer to
– ability to form or understand mental concepts and abstraction
– the formation or beginning of an idea
– a concept, thought, idea; something that is conceived in the minds of people
Therefore, the noun conception is always related to an action that is done with the mind. Conception always involves deep thought and imagination. For example,
The professor did an interesting lecture on the medieval conception of the law and justice.
They had no conception what it would be like to be in my position.
The observers had no conception of the trauma they had suffered.
When they first introduced a portable phone, they had no conception of how the market will react.

She directed the project from conception to production.

What Does Perception Mean?

Perception is derived from the word perceive. Perception refers to the ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses. Therefore, the noun perception is always associated with the senses.
He has a strong awareness and perception of pain.
This drug caused changes in the color perception.
Eyesight is essential to our visual perception of the world.
Everyone was asked to describe their perceptions about the different objects.
Perception can also refer to the way in which something is regarded or understood.
This movie changed people’s perception of artificial intelligence.
Children’s perceptions are considered to be influenced by their parents’ views.
Her unique perception about the artwork even surprised the artist.

What is the difference between Conception and Perception?

Conception is the way you form and understand something in your mind.
Perception is the way you notice or understand something through your senses.

Mind vs Sensory Organs:
Conception is mainly associated with the mind.
Perception is achieved through the sensory organs.

Conception is derived from the verb conceive.
Perception is derived from the verb perceive.

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