Difference between conclusion & results


The terms conclusion and results are commonly used in thesis writing and surveys or experiments. Conclusion is the final part of a thesis or dissertation, whereas results are the final part of a survey or chemical experiment. This article discusses the main differences between conclusion and results.

Conclusion Overview

The conclusion aims to summarize the research findings concisely. It consists of short paragraphs and should not contain long paragraphs. The goal of the conclusion is to impress upon the reader the validity of the research findings.

Results Overview

Results can be statistical or descriptive in composition. If they are descriptive, they may contain long paragraphs. The purpose of the results section is to present the valid information about the statistical data and outcomes of a chemical experiment or survey.

Importance of Conclusion

A dissertation or thesis should never be submitted without a conclusion. The conclusion serves as a final statement in the preparation of a thesis and plays a significant role in evaluating the overall work.

Importance of Results

Scientists rely on the results of their experiments to determine if further experimentation is necessary. The results provide evidence of the validity of the experiment or survey.

In summary, the main differences between conclusion and results lie in their purpose and importance. Conclusion is a brief summary of research findings in a thesis, while results serve to present valid information about statistical data and outcomes in a survey or chemical experiment.

Key Takeaways

1) Conclusion and results are two different aspects in thesis writing and experiments.
2) The aim of a conclusion is to impress upon the reader the validity of the research findings, while the aim of results is to present the exactness of statistical data and outcomes.
3) A thesis should never be submitted without a conclusion, while results are essential for scientists to evaluate the success of their experiments.

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