Difference Between Conscious & Preconscious Minds

Conscious and preconscious are two terms related to our mind and how it perceives things and reacts to external stimuli. Our mind is a powerful part of ourselves, and our ability to do things is due to how our mind works. Being aware of our surroundings is crucial in this context.


Consciousness is a state in which our mind is responsive to all internal and external stimuli we are subjected to at the moment. Being conscious is often associated with being aware of one’s own existence, being awake, and having full knowledge of what is happening at that instant. Our mental faculties are active in that we can feel and comprehend things rationally.


The preconscious is where our mind stores information that is not yet relevant for us to function normally. The information is kept hidden but not repressed until we need it. The preconscious is the state of mind where all thoughts are remembered, such as your bank account number. It is the storage of all information we can recall.

Key Takeaways

  • Consciousness is the state in which we are sensitive and responsive to our environment.
  • Preconscious is the state of being able to remember things automatically.
  • Both are states of our mind which define our being.
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