Difference Between Conviction & Belief

Conviction vs Belief

Although conviction and belief may appear to have similar meanings, it is important to understand the difference between the two terms. First, let’s define each word. A belief, or to believe, is to consider something to be correct and true. For instance, a person may believe in various things such as fate, destiny, alien life, and so on. A belief is an opinion. However, a conviction is different from a belief, as it represents something an individual is convinced of. To be convinced, the individual needs to acquire all the information. It is based on this information that a conviction is formed. Consequently, unlike a belief that can change with time and new experiences, a conviction remains constant. This article will explore the differences between a belief and a conviction.

What is Belief?

In simple terms, belief is something an individual regards as true. As human beings, we all have our unique belief systems. For instance, let’s consider religion. Each religion has its own set of beliefs, which differ from one religion to another. Followers of various religions regard these beliefs as their reality, embracing and incorporating them into their lives.

Beliefs are formed based on our experiences and backgrounds. People can hold a wide range of beliefs, from alien life to karma. These personal ideas cannot be dismissed, as they express another person’s perspective. Our beliefs can evolve and adapt in response to new situations we encounter in life. Beliefs don’t necessarily have to change entirely with new experiences; in many cases, they expand and grow.

What is Conviction?

A conviction is a strong belief that an individual has about a particular subject. It usually differs from a belief because a person becomes convinced of something after acquiring extensive knowledge and understanding of all the available information. The conviction is formed based on this information. Once a conviction is established, it is difficult for the person to view the world differently, as they only perceive things through the lens of their conviction.

This is because, unlike a belief that can change, a conviction has much deeper roots. While a belief involves accepting and acknowledging something, a conviction entails a more complex process during which the conviction becomes a viewpoint through which the individual interprets the world. A conviction’s impact on a person is profound, potentially affecting their very sense of self.

What is the difference between Conviction and Belief?

Definitions of Conviction and Belief:
Belief: A belief can be defined as a feeling that something exists or is true.
Conviction: A conviction can be defined as a firm belief.

Characteristics of Conviction and Belief:
Belief: A belief can change over time.
Conviction: Convictions mostly remain unchanged over time.
Belief: A belief is based on personal opinions.
Conviction: A conviction is not based on personal opinions. It requires concrete information.
Belief: Belief can be weak and shallow.
Conviction: Unlike a belief, a conviction is stronger and deeper.

Key Takeaways

  • Belief can change over time, while conviction remains constant.
  • Belief is based on personal opinions, while conviction requires concrete information.
  • Belief can be weak and shallow, while conviction is stronger and deeper.
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