Difference between cooler & air conditioner


1. The main difference between a cooler and an air-conditioner is the method of cooling. A cooler uses hot air and water, while an air-conditioner uses a compressor like a refrigerator.
2. A cooler is more suitable for hot and dry weather, while an air-conditioner works well in all weather conditions. Additionally, a cooler can add moisture to the air, making it useful even in the winter season.
3. A cooler is less expensive and consumes less electricity compared to an air-conditioner. However, an air-conditioner can provide a consistent level of cooling, whereas a cooler is not as effective in humid conditions.

Comparison between Cooler and Air-Conditioner

Cooler and Air-Conditioner are two home appliances used for cooling, but they have some differences.

Cooling Process

– A cooler uses hot air and water to cool a room.
– An air-conditioner uses a compressor, similar to a refrigerator, for the cooling process.

Weather Conditions

– A cooler is more effective in hot and dry weather.
– An air-conditioner works well in all weather conditions.
– A cooler can add moisture to the air, making it useful even in winter.
– An air-conditioner is not useful in the winter season.


– A cooler is cheaper compared to an air-conditioner.
– A cooler does not consume much electricity, resulting in lower bills.
– An air-conditioner can be costly to operate due to higher electricity bills.


– An air-conditioner maintains a constant level of cooling in all conditions.
– A cooler is minimally useful during humid conditions.
– Split type air-conditioners require an outdoor unit, while a cooler does not need one.
– The outdoor unit in an air-conditioner is used to remove hot air from the room, which is not necessary for a cooler.

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