Difference Between Court & Tribunal

Disputes can be settled in various ways, and it isn’t always necessary to stand before a jury waiting for judgment. Administrative tribunals provide a less expensive and less formal alternative to courts, allowing disputes to be resolved in a more relaxed manner. Although most people are familiar with the workings of courts due to media coverage, fewer people know about tribunals. This article will examine tribunals and their differences from courts.

First, let’s discuss the similarities. Like courts, tribunals are independent of the executive and legislative branches of governance. They are open to the public for redressal of grievances, and both courts and tribunals are transparent, as they must cite reasons for their decisions. Moreover, people can appeal to higher courts against decisions made by both courts and tribunals. However, there are several differences between the two.

Key Takeaways

  • Rules of evidence are strictly followed in courts, while tribunals adopt a more relaxed approach to these rules.
  • Courts have the power to adjudicate in various cases, whereas tribunals specialize in specific areas; litigation in courts is more costly and time-consuming, while tribunals are generally cheaper and quicker for resolution.
  • Tribunals have fewer powers than courts; for example, a tribunal cannot order imprisonment, which is common for courts.
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Gil Tillard
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