Difference Between Cream & Milk

We are all familiar with milk as a liquid food source, as it is the first sustenance we receive upon entering this world through our mother’s breast milk. Similarly, most mammals have mammary glands that produce milk to fulfill the dietary needs of their offspring. Humans have recognized the significance of milk in their daily diets and have domesticated cattle that provide milk. Cream, a byproduct of milk, is used for a variety of purposes. Many individuals are unaware of the full differences between milk and cream, despite having seen and utilized both. This article will attempt to highlight these distinctions in order to better understand and use these products.

Key Takeaways

  • Milk is a highly nutritious liquid food for newborns of humans and most mammals, produced by female mammals’ mammary glands.
  • Cream is a product of milk, obtained by separating it from raw milk through processes such as whipping or using a centrifuge.
  • Compared to the rest of the milk, cream has a higher fat content (6-8% versus 4%) and is used to create various dairy and bakery products, while milk serves as a source of nutrition for both infants and adults.
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