Difference Between Curriculum & Scheme of Work

The key difference between curriculum and scheme of work is that curriculum refers to the course study, guidelines, lessons, and academic content that have to be taught in a specific course or degree program, whereas scheme of work refers to how the curriculum will be taught.
Curriculum and scheme of work are two important terms in the context of education. Both help teachers to plan the content of a lesson. Overall, a scheme of work comes under the umbrella term of curriculum.

Key Takeaways

  • Curriculum refers to the instructional content, materials, resources, lessons, and assessment methods of a specific course or degree program, while the scheme of work focuses on how the curriculum will be converted into learning activities.
  • A curriculum is considered as one of the main elements of effective learning and teaching and should be updated frequently, while a scheme of work helps teachers to plan out their work and schedule learning activities for students.
  • Although the same national curriculum may be followed in state schools, the scheme of work used in different schools can be different from each other, as the national curriculum is provided by the national education authority, while the schemes of work are prepared by the educators in particular schools.
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Maria Nguyen
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