Difference Between Darwin & Lamarck


Darwin and Lamarck were two influential scientists in the field of evolutionary biology. This article aims to compare and contrast their theories and highlight their important findings.


Charles Robert Darwin, an English naturalist and Fellow of the Royal Society, is often regarded as the Father of Evolutionary Biology. He proposed the idea of natural selection, suggesting that the fittest organisms survive and pass on their traits to the next generation. Darwin’s theory, outlined in his famous book “On the Origin of Species” published in 1859, was well supported by evidence and revolutionized the way scientists thought about evolution. His theory explained the diversity of life and the existence of variation among species. Darwin also made significant contributions to the fields of geology and botany.


Jean-Baptiste Lamarck, a French soldier turned biologist, is known for his theory of evolution based on the inheritance of acquired characteristics. Lamarck believed that characteristics acquired by an organism during its lifetime could be passed on to the next generation. He studied both plants and animals, particularly invertebrates, and made valuable contributions to taxonomy. Lamarck’s theory was widely accepted until Darwin introduced the concept of natural selection in the 19th century, which gained more support from the scientific community.

Differences between Darwin and Lamarck

– Darwin was English, while Lamarck was French.
– Darwin proposed natural selection as the driving force behind evolution, while Lamarck believed in the inheritance of acquired characteristics.
– Darwin’s theory of evolution is more widely accepted today compared to Lamarck’s theory.
– Lamarck was a more versatile scientist, making significant contributions to multiple fields.


1. Darwin proposed evolution through natural selection, while Lamarck proposed evolution through the inheritance of acquired characteristics.
2. Darwin’s theory of evolution is more widely accepted by the present-day scientific community compared to Lamarck’s theory.
3. Lamarck was considered a more versatile scientist than Darwin.

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