Difference Between Dating & Going Out

Dating vs Going Out

The distinction between dating and going out lies in the relationship levels. Throughout adolescence and beyond, individuals develop various types of relationships with the opposite sex, which may or may not lead to marriage. Puberty sparks a renewed interest in the opposite sex, with boys and girls beginning to interact with each other more frequently than before. Two common processes that enable them to form friendly relationships are dating and going out. Many people believe that dating and going out are the same, with no difference between the two. Others feel that dating implies exclusivity, which is absent in going out. This article aims to uncover the true difference between dating and going out.

What is Going Out?

Going out is a casual method of getting to know each other. It does not involve any commitment or seriousness. Going out is simply acquainting oneself with someone to decide what to do next. For example, if you, as a girl, inform your parents that you are attending a function with a boy from your college, it appears more casual. As a boy, if you find a girl attractive and ask her to join you for a drink or to watch a movie, it is not the same as dating.

What is Dating?

Dating resembles a test drive of a serious relationship where the people involved are officially known as boyfriend and girlfriend. Dating comes after going out. When you go out with a girl or a boy, find them compatible, and start considering a relationship, you begin dating. This involves some commitment as you are being exclusive with a guy or a girl.

As a girl, when the boy is known to your parents, and you have frequently gone out with him, that is known as dating. In other words, you have been dating that boy in full knowledge of your relatives. It is when going out becomes frequent, and the boy and girl develop a relationship that using the word dating becomes more appropriate. Here, it must be remembered that dating is far more serious and committed than going out, and if you have been dating a girl for some time, going out with another girl may be considered cheating on your part.

If you have not yet made up your mind and do not feel committed to a person, it is better to keep using the phrase going out instead of saying you are dating that person. Dating is far more formal and implies exclusivity that is not seen or felt in going out, as you are free to go out with other individuals as well. It is not that you cannot go out with a person of the opposite sex just because you have your date. It is when the two of you have discussed your feelings with each other and believe that you are in a deep relationship that dating becomes the appropriate term for going out with each other.

Teenagers more frequently use the phrase going out. They do not want to confront their feelings, and their parents may not encourage dating at an early age, which is why they say they are going out instead of admitting they are dating.

What is the difference between Dating and Going Out?

• Definitions of Dating and Going Out:
• The word dating is used when parents of both the boy and girl are aware of their relationship.
• On the other hand, going out is far more casual.
• Formality:
• Dating is more formal, emotional, and potentially involves physical action as well.
• Going out or hanging out with someone is more fun than being emotional.
• Nature:
• Dating indicates that there will be specific activities like watching a movie together and having dinner.
• Going out does not specify what the couple will do.

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