Difference between Death Metal & Black Metal


1) Black metal and death metal are two distinct subgenres of heavy metal music.
2) Black metal is characterized by distorted electric guitars, growling and shrieking vocals, and fast tempo of songs with unconventional structures. It often incorporates antichrist sentiments.
3) Death metal has a wide variety of subgenres and is known for its harsh and blistering sounds, unconventional guitar playing and drumming, and characteristic growling vocals. It has a strong influence from thrash metal and has gained popularity in the heavy metal music scene.


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There is a confusion among music lovers when it comes to distinguishing between Death metal and Black metal, two subgenres of heavy metal. This article aims to outline the differences between these two types of music to help readers appreciate and enjoy them.

Black Metal

Black Metal is a subgenre of heavy metal that originated when several thrash metal bands joined forces in the 80’s. Bands like Celtic Frost, Venom, and Bathroy played a significant role in the development of this genre. During the 90’s, Norwegian bands further popularized Black metal, creating their own unique style. Black metal is characterized by distorted electric guitars, growling and shrieking vocals, and fast-paced songs with unconventional structures. Many mainstream heavy metal bands and music lovers criticized Black metal due to its antichrist sentiments and labeled it as satanic music.

Death Metal

Death metal emerged as a subgenre of heavy metal when thrash metal and early black metal influences combined. Bands like Venom and Celtic Frost, which played a vital role in the development of Black metal, also influenced the creators of Death metal. Obituary, Carcass, and Morbid Angel were some of the early Death metal bands, while the movement gained strength in the 90’s with bands like Roadrunner and Combat. Death metal became incredibly popular and led to the development of many subgenres within the genre itself. Harsh and intense sounds, aggressive vocals, unconventional guitar playing, and intense drumming are all characteristic of Death metal.

Difference between Death Metal and Black Metal

  • The evolution and popularity of Death metal can be attributed to Black metal, which itself evolved from thrash metal.
  • Death metal exhibits a wide variety, with each band having its own distinct style, while Black metal tends to have more common ground among bands.
  • Death metal vocals are characterized by growling sounds, which is not as prevalent in Black metal vocals.
  • Black metal draws a lot of influence from other Scandinavian countries and may appear outlandish to American audiences, while Death metal feels more familiar to them.
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