Difference between deodorant & perfume


1. Deodorant is a liquid spray used to eliminate body odors, while perfume is a fragrant liquid applied on clothes and body parts.
2. Deodorants contain a lower percentage of fragrant oils (6-15%) compared to perfumes (15-25%).
3. Perfumes are stronger in fragrance and last longer than deodorants.


Mankind has been using various products to combat body odors and perspiration smells for centuries. People often confuse deodorant and perfume, using the terms interchangeably and applying both to their bodies and clothes. However, these two products differ greatly in composition and longevity of fragrance.


Deodorant is a liquid spray used to eliminate body odors. It effectively covers the smell of perspiration from the armpits and clothes after physical activity. Deodorants contain fragrant oils, typically 6-15% in an 80% alcohol solution. When applied to the body, deodorants work as antiperspirants as well. However, the small percentage of fragrant oils in deodorants means they are not effective if sprayed on clothes. Deodorants can be applied to various body parts, not just the armpits.


Perfume is a fragrant liquid applied to clothes and certain body parts to prevent body odors. It contains fragrant oils derived from herbs, flowers, and spices. Perfumes have a high concentration of fragrant oils, typically 15-25% in an 80% alcohol solution. This high concentration is what allows perfumes to last for a long time, even after the person has taken a bath. Some perfumes have such a strong fragrance that it lingers on clothes.

Differences between Deodorant and Perfume

– Perfumes have a higher percentage of fragrant oils (15-25%) than deodorants (6-15%).
– Perfumes are stronger in fragrance and last longer.
– Deodorants are intended to mask body odor and some also act as antiperspirants.
– Deodorants are applied directly on the body, especially under the armpits.
– Perfumes are applied to clothes and specific body parts like the back of the neck, ears, and wrists.
– Perfumes are generally more expensive than deodorants due to their higher concentration of fragrant oils.

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