Difference Between Discussion & Conclusion

Discussion and conclusion are two significant parts of any essay, and they are typically reserved for the last section of the dissertation. In addition to these sections, there might also be recommendations or implications for further research on the subject. However, it is crucial to understand that discussion and conclusion are not the same or interchangeable.


A discussion is like a review of a subject or hypothesis. The main points of an essay are addressed in the discussion, and their analysis is conducted to explain them in detail. A discussion involves talking about the results obtained in an experiment and comparing them with other research and results. It also reflects on the results and methodology employed, suggesting errors that might have been made during the course of the experiment. A discussion often takes into account the points of view of others on the same subject.


The conclusion is the final part of a dissertation that summarizes the main points once again before ending the essay. The primary purpose of a conclusion is to sum up all the main points in a manner that creates a dramatic effect on the reader. A conclusion is like the climax of a performance or a movie that requires a force to make a significant impression on the audience. Often, it is the conclusion that remains in the memory of the reader. Thus, a writer needs to save their best for the conclusion to summarize the main points of the essay effectively.

Key Takeaways

  • Discussion can be judgmental, while the conclusion is just a final summary of a dissertation.
  • Conclusion is the final word by a writer, while discussion comes just before the conclusion and analyzes the position taken by the writer.
  • Discussion takes into account other points of view, while the conclusion is all about presenting the main points concisely.
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Maria Nguyen
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