Difference Between Doctrine & Dogma

Doctrine vs Dogma

Dogma refers to a belief system within a religion that forms the foundation of the faith. This system is crucial to the core of the religion and cannot be removed without impacting the basic structure of the faith. On the other hand, doctrine pertains to the teachings of the religion that shape the morals and faith of its followers. Although the terms dogma and doctrine are often used interchangeably, they are not the same and this article aims to outline the subtle differences between the two.


Dogmas are central beliefs found in most religions that are essential to the existence of the faith. All adherents are required to uphold these beliefs. Dogmas are fundamental elements in any faith and therefore cannot be contradicted. If someone attempts to question a dogma, they may be expelled from the religion. Dogmas originate from Holy Scriptures and are believed to guide us to salvation and towards God. They cannot be changed or questioned and are considered universal and true. Dogmas are truths revealed by Christ himself and are therefore vital to the Christian faith.


Doctrines are teachings of the church that include both fundamental truths and teachings that are not essential to the faith or the church. While some doctrines may not be crucial, they are still important in maintaining the integrity of the faith in a cohesive manner. For example, if someone wants to know the church’s perspective on the environment and our role in preserving it, the church’s teaching on this matter may be a doctrine that is not essential to the faith. All church teachings fall under the category of doctrines, whether they pertain to faith or morals.

Key Takeaways

  • Dogmas and doctrines are teachings of the church, but dogmas are more important and cannot be changed or questioned.
  • Dogmas are fundamental to the existence of the faith and must be adhered to by all followers of the religion.
  • A dogma is always a doctrine, but not all doctrines can be called dogmas.
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